Disclaimer. The funds listed below are intended to be made available in Malaysia. We recommend that you read and understand the prospectuses of these funds that have been registered with the Securities Commission, who takes no responsibility for its contents, before investing. You may view these prospectuses at this website or obtain a printed copy of these prospectuses from the i-VCAP Management Sdn Bhd's office. Please consider the fees, charges and risks involved prior to investing. The unit price (including income distribution), if any, may rise or fall. Past performance of a fund is not indicative of future performance. You are advised to seek independent advice and/or consult relevant laws, regulations and rules prior to investing in these funds:

  • MyETF Dow Jones Islamic Market Malaysia Titans 25 (MyETF-DJIM25), Prospectus dated 21 January 2008
  • MyETF MSCI Malaysia Islamic Dividend (MyETF-MMID), Prospectus dated 27 February 2014
  • MyETF MSCI SEA Islamic Dividend (MyETF-MSEAD), Prospectus dated 8 April 2015
  • MyETF Thomson Reuters Asia Pacific Asia Pacific ex-Japan Islamic Agribusiness (MyETF-AGRI), Prospectus dated 12 November 2015