Fund Overview

MyETF MSCI Malaysia Islamic Dividend (MyETF-MMID)

Fund Objective

The Fund's objective is to closely correspond to the performance of the Benchmark Index, regardless of its performance. The Fund Manager attempts to achieve an absolute value of tracking error of less than 3% between the net asset value (NAV) of the Fund and the Benchmark Index. Ordinary brokerage commissions may apply.

Benchmark Index

The Benchmark Index, namely the MSCI Malaysia IMI Islamic High Dividend Yield 10/40 Index is a free-float adjusted, market capitalisation weighted, price return index calculated, maintained and published by MSCI.

The Benchmark Index is designed as a performance benchmark for the high dividend-yielding segment of its Parent Index, the MSCI Malaysia IMI Islamic Index. The Benchmark Index may consist between 16 to 30 Shariah-compliant companies listed on Bursa Securities with higher than average dividend yield that are deemed both sustainable and persistent by MSCI.

The Parent Index is a free-float adjusted market capitalisation weighted index that is designed to measure the equity market performance of Malaysia.

The weight of any single group or entity in the Benchmark Index is capped at 10% of a fund’s total assets and the sum of the weights of all groups or entities representing more than 5% of the fund is capped at 40% of the fund’s total assets.

The Parent Index and Benchmark Index consist only of Shariah-compliant securities which are approved by the MSCI Shariah Supervisory Committee based on the MSCI Islamic Index Series Methodology. The MSCI Shariah Supervisory Committee will review and audit the Benchmark Index, the Parent Index as well as the MSCI Islamic Index Series Methodology on a regular basis to ensure compliance with Shariah.


Fund Information
Asset Class Shariah-Compliant Equity
Benchmark Index MSCI Malaysia IMI Islamic High Dividend Yield 10/40
Launch Date 27 February 2014
Listing Date 21 March 2014
Base Currency Ringgit Malaysia (MYR)
Manager i-VCAP Management Sdn. Bhd.
Income Distribution Annual Distribution*
Creation/Redemption (unit block) 300,000 units (or whole multiples thereof)

*Subject to the discretion of the Manager.

Trading Information
Exchange Bursa Securities
Stock Short Name MYETFID
Bursa Securities Code 0824EA
Bloomberg Ticker - Fund MEMMID MK Equity
Bloomberg Ticker – Benchmark Index MIIMYD4P Index
Fees Information
Annual fees (chargeable to Fund):  
i. Management Fee 0.400%
ii. Trustee Fee 0.045%
iii. License Fee Total Annual Fees 0.060%
Total Annual Fees 0.505%**
Transaction Charges (chargeable to Investor):  
Trading charges Brokerage rate and other incidental charges
**Subject to other fees and/or expenses incurred by the Fund.